No Pain, No Gainsbourg

Serge Gainsbourg was a French musician, singer, composer, actor, filmmaker and author. He wrote contributions to popular music spanning four decades (1950s to the 1980s), covering diverse styles, including jazz, pop, rock, afrobeat, reggae, funk and rap. His compositions pilfered from Dvořák, Chopin, Beethoven, and Olatunji, among  others, without making much of a secret of it. An example opens this mix: a few early bars of Dvořák’s New World Symphony reveals the motif that inspired the Gainsbourg song that follows it.

This mix will probably be surprising in its stylistic scope to the listener untouched by the SG legacy. I assure those people, there is a lot more to be discovered if your curiosity is piqued!

Quite simply, it’s impossible to do him justice in a mix in the space of under 70 minutes, but what the hell, here goes…


(duplicated discogs credits means the tracks were both from the same release)

Dvorak, Symphony No. 9, Adagio – Slovak Philharmonic Orchestra