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The Man With The Golden Drum Machineā„¢ – “The Big Sweep”

TMWTGDM was a project born out of frustration with the sloppy midi clock timing of computer sequencers, now commonly known as audio workstations. I went back to hardware sequencing on a Roland MC-50 and MSQ-700, and synced a raft of drum machines together via voltage clock. The computer was used simply as a “tape recorder”. This meant the mix was done on the fly, there were no individual tracks or stems that could be fixed later. The feel was so much better this way than with Ableton or Cubase. It wasn’t until a year or so later I worked out a way of synthesising an FSK signal from within the DAW, which allowed me to tightly clock all the hardware to the software. After that came the Innerclock stuff which made it even tighter and easier … and you kids today just don’t know how lucky you are!

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