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Much of the music made under my A.D.A.M. BABY! alias consists of older tracks updated for the modern dancefloor by way of editing, remixing and occasionally adding new arrangements. This hopefully achieves two things: It attracts a new audience for the original artist, and it gives DJs a useful tool to help build a fun and eclectic dancefloor party.

Long before I was even aware of the tools of remixing, edits and mash-ups, I was doing all that in my head. The chorus of one song would find itself over the chords of another, and morph into some "extended dance mix" that might go all day. It could be very distracting.

Initially a guitarist, I tried to learn drum programming and bass playing from listening to James Brown records. I moved on to exploring sound synthesis and multi-track recording, building a small studio. This gave me a working grasp of audio, and analogue electronics. Singing lessons gave me a deeper understanding of songcraft. I've worked with divas, DJs, rappers, and the odd musician or two. In recent years I've "played live" again, that is, with a synth, a vocoder, a laptop computer, and some effects, I've managed to hold a dancefloor for a couple of hours.


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